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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ouch, long day

Think my mac battery took a hammering today,

Uni: Long tedious etc, although am getting what's being said finally, guess i'm sorta catching up lol,

After uni: went to nath's, fixed his network, got everything using print server :D

Woohoo :D

Now: just avoiding doing my algorithms stuff :(

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

oops, been a bit slack

Been a bit slack on writing stuff up on here, so here goes,

Month of Feb:
Mostly just uni work, came to the conclusion that I really ain't enjoying my year in Uni, purely down to the fact that I hate algebra, and what the fek is the point of signing onto a course that you really really aren't good at to start with, ie, you cater to strongest not weakest points.

Well it's almost half way through, and i've a week to go until month off exams, so what's news?

Spoken to Swansea institute (SIHE) and they'll take me on condition I pass my year in uni, in which case I can transfer into 2nd year there without a problem, which is of course my first choice. Fail: I'm going to start in year one again.... (I want to pass :D)

Been out on a couple of rallies, The bob fowden event in pembrey was freezing cold, no spectators in my area, so sat in the jeep and left the heating on all day :D

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Bought a couple of new dvds to relax with :) (no not p0rn ones you nutters)

Commando, (old arnie film)
The Island - Scarlett Johannsen enough said i think ;)
Blade Trinity
Mean Machine - Vinnie Jones and Jason Stratham, should be a laugh sometime

Erkkkk Exams? :(

Well the dreaded things started today,

Principles and Practices of Programming, well it's done and out the way I suppose ;)

Next is monday, maths..

currently sitting listening to simon webbe and trying to learn discrete mathematics.

Ah well, was a good night last night anyways :) One of the boys from motor club organised a table top rally, cheers neil was a laugh even if I shouldn't be trusted on the roads without a gps ;)

Friday, January 13, 2006

Minor rant about politicians ;)

Well, someone pointed me at this little link earlier

It's absolutely disgusting that a politician can "go on holidays" for his constituents , be paid for it, and still be making a fool of himself. All under the guise of raising awareness.....

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Well I had a good chat with apple, and they managed to deliver everything by monday just gone (I know, i've been a little lax in doing my updates :()

Since last update:
7th Jan - Went out for sister's birthday, had a laugh in town, Steveo came down from bath which was a giggle. Saw couple of old workmates out in town.

8th Jan - My dearest lil sis becomes 22, she's catching me up :o (only until april and then i'm getting older again hehe)

9th Jan - Stuff turned up from apple, rucksack is lovely :D should do the job nicely to protect the mac,

since then, coursework/revision has been order of the day :(

Friday, December 30, 2005

Apple Store

Interesting conversation with Apple just now, gist of it was that i'd ordered some stuff from the website, including bag for the powerbook, scratch protection for ipod etc. And then got a delivery delay notification email from them saying that they would have to wait until 10th of Jan to despatch due to not having an item in stock. Ouch!!! Well, as you might guess I wasn't too happy about this, so asked about splitting the order to get rest of gear through straight away, but this can't be approved apart from by someone in the shipping centre.

So waiting until Tuesday to find out when I get my stuff :(

Ah well :) The best laid plans of mice and men?

First post...

Ok, first post so something that's gonna be bit bland and play time type thing, Need to get into habit of blogging stuff, may actually improve as I go along :) Who knows?